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We are dedicated to strengthening U.S.-Ukraine

relations and assisting Ukrainians to benefit from a modernized economy.

In addition to the educational and charitable direction of our organization,

we created consulting and analytical group. The consulting and analytical group is a team of professionals and patriots from Ukraine and the United States, who are convinced that Ukraine has valuable talents in modern business and shall be recognized here in the United States. Our team sincerely believes that, despite the volatility of politics, Ukraine has significant potential to become a successful and prosperous country. Ukraine has a powerful intelligent creative force- the people, who create amazing businesses across the economic spectrum. We believe these talents are inspirational and worthy of international investment. Our team is ready to assist Ukrainian small and medium-size businesses to enter the US market and achieve success and prosperity.

How can we assist your business?

• Analysis of the American market and business sectors

• Definition of business competitiveness / study of market conditions

• International marketing

• Search for potential investors and partners

• Consulting on registration/ required documents for business in the US

• Organization of meetings, videoconferences, roundtables with representatives of American government

and non-government organizations;

• Launch of a new product, brand, business to the US market

• Negotiation and correspondence in English and Ukrainian

•Translation services

• Advertising and promoting your business in the United States

for more information email us at:

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