People of Ukraine


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 About Foundation

US Foundation “People of Ukraine” has been established in 2016 for humanitarian and educational purposes and is qualified as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are located in Washington DC, USA.

It is also dedicated to strengthening U.S.- Ukraine relations and assisting Ukrainians to achieve a higher level of economic stability.

Recognizing the difficult time for the Ukrainian people plagued by years of war and economic stagnation, this Foundation seeks to aid families who have suffered during this violent conflict. A key area of focus is support to military families, children and wounded veterans.

In terms of educational purpose, Foundation conducts educational exchange programs and internships for children and adults as well as bilateral conferences and forums for professionals and young leaders. 

This Foundation is dedicated to deepening mutual knowledge about American and Ukrainian history and culture through conferences, lectures, seminars, presentations, concerts and special events.

Our Foundation is an active member of US-Ukraine Business Council and a partner  with US-Ukraine Foundation.

Tetyana Shea
Founder, President
US Foundation People of Ukraine