People of Ukraine


  • Young Leaders of  Ukraine is a multi-dimensional leadership program that focuses exclusively on executives in governance (local and central government, civil society, media, academic community, entrepreneurs of Ukraine) with high potential. Its mission is to strengthen and sustain advancement by developing effective leadership competencies. 

Promote Leadership

  • Young Leaders Program will promote  in leadership roles across all industries and government sectors by providing strong networking and professional development opportunities. Participants will empower young leaders in Kyiv as well as in other regions of Ukraine to advance the current generation of emerging leaders. 

Share Experiences

  • During the course of the program participants will share their experiences, exchange ideas on critical issues confronting Ukraine and discuss possible solutions to move positive perspectives forward. Our fund will invite young American leaders to participate in conversations about leadership that can influence the trajectory of the country.

Successful candidates are:

  • Inside the preferred age range (26-46);
  • Outstanding leaders in their fields, have demonstrated significant professional and community accomplishments, and show substantial promise for even higher achievement;
  • Visionaries who have tackled big challenges in order to better the world around them; 
  • Able to clearly articulate achievable goals for the program and explain how their proposed program design will help them reach these goals. 

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