US  Foundation People of Ukraine 


We welcome you to join our “People of Ukraine” team.  This US Foundation is qualified as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code 01(c)(3) and is a non-profit private corporation established in March 2016 for humanitarian and educational purposes. It is also dedicated to strengthening U.S.-Ukraine relations and assisting Ukrainians to achieve a higher level of economic stability. The Fund has representatives in both countries to increase awareness, administer programs and assistance, and to execute fundraising. Recognizing the difficult time for the Ukrainian people plagued by war and economic stagnation, this Fund seeks to aid those suffering from violence.  A key area of focus is support to military families, children and wounded veterans.  In terms of educational purpose, the Fund conducts exchange programs and internships for both children and adults as well as bilateral conferences and forums for educators. The Fund is also dedicated to deepening mutual knowledge about American and Ukrainian history and culture through conferences, lectures and seminars.

Helping wounded veterans


Educational exchanges

Ukraine is home to over 800 institutes of higher education 

Support to families of the fallen

At least 8,000 people have lost their lives during this ongoing conflict.